lpg vs petrol engine

Today automobile engine used various types of fuel such as petrol,lpg, diesel, cng, etc.but in that lession we study about two fuel lpg and petrol.
Here we collect all importation about Lpg vs petrol fuel and  then you chose which fuel is better for si engine.
In this lesson we also study Lpg engine vs petrol engine.

  difference between lpg vs petrol fuel

Lpg vs petrol
Lpg vs petrol 

                   Lpg                                      petrol               
 1. Lpg fuel octane rating number is 120.
This is higher than the petrol fuel.
 petrol fuel octane rating number is 81
this is lower than lpg fuel.
 2. Lpg is used in cylinder of ic engine in
 gasses form.
 Petrol is used in  cylinder of ic engine
in liquid form.
 3. Lpg gas is odorless.that means lpg is
have not smell.
 Petrol has odour that means petrol have
 LPG compression is more than 
petrol .lpg is 10 % more compress
 than petrol. 
 Petrol is liquid form so petrol
compression is less than the lpg.

 5. In lpg fuel not required to add lead
additives for increasing octane number.

 Petrol fuel octane rating number is 
Low so in petrol fuel add lead
 additives for increasing octane number.
 6. lpg fuel is store in cylinder petrol fuel is store fuel tank.
 7. Lpg is smooth burn in ic engine
than the petrol fuel.
Petrol is not smooth in engine than
 the lpg fuel.
 8. cost of lpg is less than the petrol 
 cost of petrol fuel is more than the
lpg fuel
 9.Density of lpg fuel is less than
Petrol because lpg is in gas form.
Density of petrol is more than lpg.
10lpg fuel have no any colourpetrol fuel have colourd 
11.lpg fuel not used large quanity
petrol is used know a day more

Lpg engine 

The si  engine which have used lpg is for fuel process that engine is called as lpg engine.
Lpg engine is also the si engine.in lpg engine also used spark plug for burning of fuel.
In lpg engine same component used as per as petrol engine only caruburator is replace and used vaporizer for mixing of lpg and air.

Petrol engine 

When in  si engine used petrol for fuel purposes that engine is called as petrol engine.in si engine mostly petrol is used but know day lpg is also used because lpg is has less price than petrol.
In petrol engine carburettor is used for mixing of petrol and air.

Difference between lpg vs petrol engine

lpg vs petrol engine
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 Lpg engine                                petrol engine                 
 When in engine used lpg, then that
 engine is called as Lpg engine

 when in engine used Petrol then that 
engine is called as Petrol engine.
 2. Life of lpg engine is more than the 
Petrol engine because no carbon 
deposits on the spark Plug. 
 Life of petrol engine is less than Lpg 
engine because when burning process
 is done then more carbon is deposits on 
spark Plug. 
 3. Cylinder size required of Lpg engine is
 cylinder size required of Lpg engine is
 4. Lpg engine Detonation problem is 
lessbecause lpg fule has higher 
value of octane number.

 Petrol engine Detonation problem is more
because Petrol fuel has lower Value of
 octane number. 
 5. In Lpg engine vaporizer is used
for mixing of airand fuel
 In petrol engine Carburettor is used for 
mixing of air and fuel.
 6. When Lpg fuel is burn  in engine 
Then that engine not produces
 harmful gas
 when petrol is burn in engine then that
engine produces harmful gas.
 7. Lpg engine is eco-friendly engine.  Petrol engine is denzer for environment. 
 8. Lpg engine is Smooth running  petrol engine are not smoothly run.
 9. In Lpg engine Vibration Problem is
 In petrol engine Vibration problem is
 10. Wear and tear Problem is Less in
Lpg engine.
 Wear and tear in Petrol engine is more than
 the Lpg engine. 

 11. Maintenance Cost is less required in
Lpg engine. 
 Maintenance cost is higher required in
petrol engine.

in this page we study about what is difference between lpg vs petrol engine.if you have any question about this toppics then comment below
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