How Electromagnet Are More Useful Compared To Permanent Magnets?

How Electromagnet Are More Useful Compared To Permanent Magnets?

How Electromagnet Are More Useful Compared To Permanent Magnets?

Magnets are available in two prominent types called permanent magnets and other one is electromagnets. The name on it's own suggests that a permanent magnet remains magnetized permanently. But electromagnetism is different since its magnetism works if electricity is provided. When electricity is off, the magnetism would not work. Well, the fact cannot be ignored that electromagnet is quite complicated compared to a permanent one.

Here, we are going to mention the most important aspects of how an electromagnet is more useful than a permanent magnet. Let's go through the important poins -

● Why Electromagnet Are Getting Quite Popular -

The electromagnet is getting more popular than a permanent bar magnet. To understand this, we need to pay attention to 2 prominent benefits. The most important things is that they can easily be switched on and off whenever required. After accomplishing an electric circuit, a current passes to create a magnetic field. When you disconnect the current, the magnetism will stop working. 

Moreover, the magnetic strength can easily be changed or increased. You might be wondering how it could be increased.  It can happen if the number of coils is increased. Through coils, the electric current can be increased. To increase, a magnetic material is needed inside the solenoid coil.

● Reason Why Car Scrap Yards Use Huge Electromagnets –

Do you know that car scrap yards go with huge electromagnets to lift a huge chunk of crumpled iron and steel? It becomes easy to place huge chunks from one place to another because of electromagnets. Once the purpose is done, the current is switched off. And all the objects fall on the ground. 

Apart from it, electromagnets are also used in a variety of home equipment including washing machines, fan ovens, dishwashers, and so on. The fact cannot be ignored that Electromagnetic Devices have truly become quite important in our daily lives. It could be said that the car scrap yards' work becomes easy to do because of these excellent electromagnets. Otherwise, it may take a lot of time to place the huge chunk of crumpled iron and steel from one place to another. 

 Magnet Strength and Control –

The signficant feature of an electromagnet is that it holds the ability to alter its magnetic force accordingly. If no current goes through the magnet's wires, it would not be having any magnetic force at all. If you flow little current in the magnet, it would be having a very less amount of force. When a large currant is provided, it pushes more force to the magnet and it would be able to work more powerfully. This feature makes electromagnets more useful for our everyday life.


● Excellent Magnet Power 

The pulling power remains stagnant of a permanent magnet because of the type of metral it was made of. Talking about the strongest and permanent magnets, they are an amalgamation of iron and neodymium. Though permanent magnets are strong enough, an electromagnet can go 20 times stronger.  Whether it is about Ray Optics or electromagnet, physics is quite interesting since it makes our everyday life easy and hassle-free.

Small Electromagnets are widely used in different electronic loks including automobiles or the prominent door of a building. Scrapyard cranes com up with excellent and outstanding electromagnets which can lift heavy car bodies easily. Magnetic resonance imaging machines are considered quite powerful. The strongest ones are used in  scientific research to study the matter of properties.

● Permanent Magnet and Its Uses –

Small permanent magnets are found in toys and different handheld gadgets including watches, razors, etc. Talking about the large permanent magnets, they are quite useful in different types of household appliance motor as well as in stereo speakers. The electric motors hybrid vehicles prefer strong and permanent magnets. 


We hope that these above-mentioned points have made it easy to understand more about electromagnetic and its different aspects.

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